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Gifn + Shake Shack

Milkshakes + Burgers + GIFs = recipe for success. Check out our case study on how we delivered animated GIFs and actionable marketing results to one of our oldest installations, Shake Shack Las Vegas.

Gifn + Shake Shack

Two Years of Burgers, Shakes, and GIFs!

Gifn is partnering with Shake Shack Las Vegas to increase the restaurant’s viral social sharing and lead generation—not to mention taking some fun animated GIFs! For almost two years, we’ve been snapping and sharing GIFs from Sin City. Here’s how we’ve done since we started in December 2014.

Shake Shack Gifn Unit
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Total Unique Contacts

Stats for Gifn's Shack Shake Performance. 39% total shares from app. 33% social shares from site.

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