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Gifn Reseller Program

Learn how you can take advantage of Gifn’s unique and flexible reseller program. Offering animated GIFs with lead capture power to your clients and events has never been easier!

Why Offer Gifn?

Our photobooths have been all over the country, at large activations for companies like Nike, Facebook, and Darden, as well as at corporate events, weddings, parties, and more.

Gifn Ringlight
ROI In 5 Events

Gifn Features

  • Fun and entertaining for guests
  • Provides quantifiable marketing power to businesses and events
  • Earn back your investment in just five events!
  • Access to Gifn support and customization services
  • Flexible ways to add Gifn to your event services

Choose a Reseller Option

Pick the purchase option that’s right for you.

Option 1 - Reseller Agreement

  • Purchase the Gifn hardware to use for all of your events for $4,995.
  • Rent out the Gifn equipment and services to your clients at your own price and handle all shipping/logistics.
  • Pay Gifn a discounted fee per event, depending on which type of service your client requires.
    • Our Standard Pricing – Pay Gifn $89 per unit per day (great for weddings/small parties)
    • Our Pro Pricing – Pay Gifn $359 per unit per day (great for corporate & large activations)
  • Gifn sets up, customizes, and manages the back end of Gifn events for you.

- OR -

Option 2 - Commission-Based Referrals

  • Refer your interested clients to us.
  • Gifn handles all communication, shipping, and logistics.
  • Gifn sets up, customizes, and manages the back end of the Gifn events.
  • Clients are charged our Pro Pricing ($1,195 per unit per day).
  • Gifn sends you 20% of net (not including shipping or traveling costs for Pro events as commission once the event is over and paid in full.

Have more questions?

Wanna chat? We’ve got you. Give us a call at 866-374-0304 or email us at