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Your business needs GIFs.

Entertain your guests and grow your rewards program or email list with Gifn.

You + Gifn = Marketing Magic

Not only does Gifn take fun and interactive animated photos, our digital photo booths also collect valuable guest emails and social handles. Gifn is ready to entertain your business’ guests–and help you market to them afterwards.

Instant Connection

Every GIF a guest takes with Gifn can be shared via email or social media right from our digital booths. Gifn’s viral sharing capabilities creates invaluable brand exposure for your business.

Data Export

Our data export feature captures guest emails and social handles when they share their GIFs, putting valuable remarketing power right into your hands.

Brand Customization

Our GIFs are branded with company logos, hashtags, colors, and any custom design you can imagine, so that when guests share their GIFs, they’re sharing your brand too.

Gifn Gets Social

In March & April 2016, Gifn launched a 49-day promotional campaign with a national restaurant chain. Here’s how we did.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 3.34.57 PM

200+ GIFs/day

Guests share instantly with Gifn. GIFs, email addresses, and social media handles are captured by Gifn, giving you a window into each and every customer as they experience your store. This chain’s customers shared 8,691 GIFs during the spring campaign.

In this campaign, Gifns were shared 33% of the time on Facebook, 11% of the time on Instagram, 2% of the time on Twitter, and 54% of the time for email!

65+ Unique Contacts/Day

Guests agree when they take their GIFs that they can be signed up to receive email, marketing, or guest loyalty messages within a seamless app experience.

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